Figueira da Foz

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About Figueira da Foz

Translated the town’s name means Fig Tree at the River mouth. The population of this lively beachside town swells to almost double its size in the summer months of July and August when Portuguese and Spanish holidaymakers descend on Figueira da Foz to lie on Europe’s widest beach and enjoy the sights and nightlife of the town. Out of season, moderate temperatures, a beach so vast and uncluttered with people it is practically private and great swells rolling through the two main surf breaks make Figueira an appealing year-round destination.

Still relatively undiscovered by UK holidaymakers, Figueira da Foz maintains its distinctively Portuguese atmosphere and has not succumbed to the rising prices and Anglicised menus that you’ll find further South in the Algarve.

With enough bars, restaurants and beach to satisfy the most demanding tourists the town also boasts surf breaks, such as Cabedelo and Buarcos, which are some of the best in Northern Portugal an ideal combination for new and experienced surfers who want to use their vacation time to its full potential.

Photo of Figueira da Foz beach

Photo of Figueira da Foz at night

What to do in Figueira da Foz

The wide beach and sweeping pine forests around Figueira da Foz provide a scenic back drop to your stay. Discover the sights and cultural hotspots in and around the town, including:

Serra da Boa Viagem, drive to the end of the main beach and continue up the mountain for breathtaking views as far as the eye can see.

Praia de Quiaios, about 10k North of Figueira da Foz (accessible by bus or car) this sleepy beach town is like taking a step back in time.

Museu Municipal Dr Santos Rocha, a modern museum in the heart of Figueira da Foz houses a weird and wonderful collection of local and African artefacts. Also houses rotating art exhibits.

Palácio Sotto Mayor, Figueira’s palace surrounded by well-kept, beautiful gardens is free to tour.

Photo of Serra da Boa Viagem

Photo of Palacio Sotto Mayor

What to eat Figueira da Foz

The seafood in the Sea of Figueira, especially shrimp and stone crab is considered the one of the tastiest in the world, not to mention its exceptional nutritional value. It is usually consumed fresh, that is, cooked and seasoned oil and vinegar.

When it comes to meat, the veal and lamb are the most consumed in Figueira da Foz but, there is a growing trend to include the pig. The suckling pig and kid, not so traditional, are increasingly having a significant deployment.

In the sweets area, Figueira never held, a creative place of great importance.

Photo of Aperitifs

Photo of Seafood

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